12 Reasons You Should Go " Hiking ”

We all are aware of the term hiking. It is one of the most adventurous sports, we can go to different hiking spots to explore different locations. We are so busy with our hectic schedule that we completely ignore the adventure, thrill, and also our health (in some cases). So, instead of lying on your beds at weekends, why not to go hiking? There are a large number of benefits of hiking.

Let’s have a glance at the reasons why we should go hiking.

1. It makes you physically strong

Hiking is very closely linked with walking. When we go for it, we tend to lose our weights, it builds our strength in lower parts of the body such as hamstrings, calf muscles, glutes, quadriceps, etc. It helps us to maintain body balance. Climbing up a mountain assures us a strong cardio workout that is why we need to stay hydrated up there.

2. It clears the mind and reduces stress

According to the president of the American Hiking Society, hiking reduces mental stress and anxiety. The elegant greenery of the forests helps people to release stress. The natural scent of the herbs and medicinal plants present in the woods clears our mind and boosts the mood.

3. It makes us happier

Nature boosts our mood and makes us feel excited. The elegant view of nature provides us the refreshment making our inner soul happier. Also, it socializes us with friends and our loved ones, so it is another great thing that enhances our mood boosters.

4. It improves the quality of sleep

When we go for a hike in the lap of nature, the powerful workout and happy mood improve the quality of sleep. It releases our stress and makes our bodies relaxed.

5. It reduces anxiety and depression

Depression may occur due to work pressure, over-thinking, not getting eight hours of sleep, staying alone, etc. To achieve the mental piece, some outdoor activities are necessary for everyone.

Nature is a very powerful healer, when we come in contact with nature, it automatically heals the anxiety and depression. It also reduces hypertension. According to health research, heart problems occur due to mental stress. To avoid these illnesses, outings are preferred.

6. It increases creativity and problem solving

A study was conducted by psychologists, according to that, all those people who stuck in the problem were sent to spend time with nature without any gadget. After four days, they result in a 50 percent increase in creativity and problem-solving activities. Engaging in outdoor activities also improves our focus.

7. It reconnects with ourselves

Hiking is based on the will of every individual. A strong will is required for hiking. After we reach the top, the delightful experience cannot be described in words. This can only be experienced by reaching the top of the hill. It seems like we are walking in heaven. At that time, it helps us in reconnecting with our inner soul.

8. Hiking alone could increase our spiritual connection with God

When we go for a hike, the mountains that are located at a high altitude, there it seems like we are walking along with the clouds. This is the purest form of nature that we get to see in the mountains. It connects our soul with the positive energy that holds an amazing experience just like connecting to God.

9. Experience

Hiking provides us the experience of climbing up the hills. It is one of the most beautiful experiences while standing at the top and watching the beautiful scenery of the green valleys or the river that depends on the location, where we are going to hike. The fresh air at the top without any pollution adds stars to it.

10. Teach us to live in the moment

Indulging in these outdoor activities like hiking and camping teaches us to live in the present moment. We only focus on that particular activity, this increases our ability to live in the present moment that is in front of you.

11. Good for health

Hiking improves our health. It reduces the risk of heart diseases and maintains a healthy heart, it also improves our memory.

Walking a certain distance seems to have a cardiovascular exercise, which increases the rate of pulse and heartbeat. It also improves bone density as well as the blood sugar level.

In our daily life, we completely stuck our eyes to PCs, mobiles, laptops, etc. A lot of strain is pressurized on our eyes and slowly, our sight seems to get defected. When we go for outdoor activities like hiking, our sight improves as we get a fresh view of nature, we don’t want to take out any of the gadgets.

12. Hiking is simple and cheaper as compared to another kind of adventure

Indulging in hiking seems to be easy for all the chain hikers. But for the beginners, it seems to be interesting but not disappointing. When we hike regularly, it improves our stamina and comfort zone.

Hiking is cheaper when it comes to the extreme sports category. There are many adventure activities like paragliding, mountain cliffing, bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, and many more.

As compared to these activities, hiking is the simplest and the cheapest. It is not like that, it is cheap so there will not be any fun, instead, it is one of the most adventure activities.


Hiking contributes so many health benefits like it improves blood pressure, eye-sight, stamina, and bone density. It also improves the focus, problem-solving skills, and creativity by 50 percent. The beautiful view of nature relaxes our inner soul and reduces depression and anxiety. It also strengthens our will power and balancing ability.

It provides us confidence and helps us to reconnect with ourselves. The clouds at height seem like we are entering heaven. It is cheaper than other adventure activities. So, stay fit and healthy by engaging in this adventure.


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