Before setting up a camping tent few things you should take care of.

Updated: Apr 28

When it comes to setting up a tent choosing an ideal place to set up camp is very important. After daylong hiking, we must not hurry or laziness in doing little more effort to set up the tent. But before placing the tent on the ground there are few things which we must make sure to follow.

Choosing a dry area.

It is very necessary to select a completely dry place and make sure there is not any possibility of coming water inside your tent. Though tents are waterproof still it will make you feel cold. I remember in my last year hike we set up our camp near a river which seems pretty flat and dry during the night. But we woke in the morning and saw we had framed up the tent on the wet surface. My back was hurting and I couldn’t get from for a while.

Choosing a flat surface

Selecting a surface that is flat and smooth is equally important, if you set up your camp on the wrong surface you will spend the whole night by changing positions. As we would be tired of hiking and a night of a good night sleep is all you need, So choose a flat and stone-free camping site for better comfort.

It must not be too open for wind

The area that you will choose for camping must not be tooopen for wind; some places may be very windy out there. The sound of the wind that blows too much when it runs into the tent. So make sure there is something around that will stop wind to directly flow into your camp like a big rock, some trees or you can set it below the ridge.

Check for landslide

The risk of rockfall, mud slip is always there so it sure the campsite is completely safe of such risks. If there is heavy rainfall during the night it also increases the chances of the landslide, rockfall in the mountains. So we should take care of these things before camp and sleep.

Because out in the wilderness we and just excited about being in a new place and often tend to forget to follow these safety measures.

Insects like ants bees

Last time we set my camp on an ant hole accidentally, Yes it is a memorable night. While we were busy making sure the above-mentioned ants we did not put much interest in that tiny ant. But at night those tiny ants have been entered our territory and we have a good fight that night. Finally, we lost the battle and moved to another place.

Wild Animals

Out in the wood or mountains, it is pretty obvious to have wild animals and we can't say this particular place is safe and we should camp here. But to avoid any animal encounter we must do a few things.

  • Know the area you are in

  • Build a Campfire

  • Throw away leftover food far away

  • Keep light turned on outside

  • Keep the area clean


Hiking and camping outdoor are very exciting but at the same time we must keep in mind safety is the first thing through our journey. Many new and inexperienced hikers who don’t have much knowledge about hiking and camping makes many mistakes, here my purpose of writing this blog is to help them to have safe hiking.

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